Lighthouse for Lampedusa

Thomas Kilpper, Berlin

“...because in history of mankind each act of destruction sooner or later will find its response in an act of creation...” (Eduardo Galeano). Based on the historicity of the site in question, the artist Thomas Kilpper develops his interventionist works – often in empty buildings destined for demolition or sale. They form the “artistic material” into which he inscribes himself. Kilpper develops his site-related projects often with used materials that he retrieves from junk-yards or even destroyed buildings. In 2003 he built a larger than life-size horse with Palestinian youths – and in 2008 he came up with the idea of building a Lighthouse for Lampedusa made from African refugee boats that stranded on the shores of Southern Italy. In 2010 Kilpper will work in Southern Denmark where the largest European Bridge is going to be erected. He will try to take down and actually demolish as much as possible from an abandoned housing estate, raising the question: What is more destructive – what is more productive – the demolition art project or the creation of a massive “Autobahn”-bridge?

ACC Redaktion (26.04.2010)

Montag, 17. Mai 2010, 19:00 Uhr, ACC Galerie
Eintritt: frei!