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Maja Bajevic, Paris and Sarajevo

Vortrag in englischer Sprache

Maja Bajevic lives between her native Sarajevo, Paris and Berlin, and emerged on the international stage thanks to her participation in events such as Manifesta, the Istanbul Biennial, the 50th Venice Biennale and the Documenta in Kassel. She has gained prestigious forms of recognition, as demonstrated by her DAAD residency in Berlin. Maja Bajevics work directly comments on prominent issues in recent history such as collective identity, tragedy, destiny, construction, and the deconstruction of history, ideology and sociology. Acting as acatalyst, her work creates narratives that reference memory and identity, reflecting on the past and present of local socio political events that possess global implications and referencing a collective destiny and the fragments of a shattered history. Soliciting the observer’s attention in order to understand her subtle language, Bajevic’s works range from video, to light and sound installations, to performance. Eine Vortrags- und Gesprächsreihe zur Kunst im öffentlichen Raum und zu neuen künstlerischen Strategien. Eine Zusammenarbeit des Master of Fine Arts Programm der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar mit dem ACC.

Vortrag in englischer Sprache

Marko Meister (25.03.2010)

Montag, 19. April 2010, 19:00 Uhr, ACC Galerie
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