Art is art and should remain so, but it is also …

Yvana Enzler, Bern

… a key to understand the world!When I arrived in Sarajevo as a diplomat in 1998 the scars of the war were everywhere: on the buildings, on the sidewalks, but above all, in people’s minds and bodies. Everyone was speaking about the war all the time. For someone who had not lived through this awful time, it was hard to fully feel what had been going on. Very soon I realized that Sarajevo had a vivid artistic scene gathered around the Soros Centre for Contemporary Art run by Dunja Blažević who had given shape and meaning to the post-war artistic community. There, I understood that the artist’s work offered keys in order to understand the war and its consequences. I started to buy works because they meant something for me in this context of “trying to understand”. It was also a way to help artists since there was no art market. Slowly, the collection took shape. My approach had led me to buy works that, through visual narrative, were describing the problems the society was facing.

Montag, 25. Juni 2018, 19 Uhr, ACC Galerie