The GlobeFish and the GlobeMouse


We introduce two new six degree of freedom desktop input devices based on the key concept of combining forceless isotonic rotational input with force-requiring elastic translational input. The GlobeFish consists of a custom three degrees of freedom trackball which is elastically connected to a frame. The trackball is accessible from the top and bottom and can be moved slightly in all spatial directions by using force. The GlobeMouse device works in a similar way. Here the trackball is placed on top of a movable base, which requires to change the grip on the device to switch between rotating the trackball and moving the base.
Our devices are manipulated with the fingertips allowing precise interaction with virtual objects. The elastic translation allows uniform input for all three axes and the isotonic trackball provides a natural mapping for rotations.
Our user study revealed that the new devices perform significantly better in a docking task in comparison to the SpaceMouse, an integrated six degrees of freedom controller. Subjective data confirmed these results.


Documents and Publications

  • Fröhlich, B., Hochstrate, J., Skuk, V., Huckauf, A.:
    The GlobeFish and the GlobeMouse: Two New Six Degree of Freedom Input Devices for Graphics Applications
    Proceedings of the ACM CHI 2006, pp.191-199
    [paper] [talk at CHI 2006] [video]