Conference: Creating Shared Experience

Plakat: Bartholomäus Kaszubowski

In the intersecting fields of documentary and visual anthropology, the experimental modes of sensory ethnography and collaborative filmmaking have challenged representational traditions of audiovisual research. Both styles of anthropological practices deploy multisensory qualities of film not only to document und investigate, but also to participate and intervene in complex social and ecological environments. In the same line of thinking, visual and acoustic strategies provide occasions for creating new forms of relationality. In this conference, we would like to address the role of sensory experience in collaborative research practices and, vice versa, the production of what we call shared sensory experiences in collaborative filmmaking.

»Creating shared experiences« brings together scholars and filmmakers, practitioners and theorists from (visual) anthropology, film and media studies in order to discuss past and future intersections of collaborative and multisensory research in relation to activism and social change as well as to new forms of a shared ethnographic experience.

Although sensory and collaborative approaches are rooted in different genealogies, they are both influenced by discussions in postcolonial theory, emancipatory movements and activism aiming at building up different experiences, altering epistemologies and emancipatory representations through the very medium of film and the process of filmmaking. On the one hand, the conference will explore how experience is inventive and creative. On the other, it considers how Creating shared experiences of collaborative filmmaking can become a platform for bringing together research and social practices.

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Kino Lichthaus: Am Kirschberg 4, 99423 Weimar
IKKM Lounge in der Universitätsbibliothek: Steubenstr. 6-8, 99423 Weimar