Summer Term 2015

Lecture notes, exercises assignments etc. are provided on the Metacoon e-learning platform at . Login with your university credentials, select "In Raum einschreiben" → "Studium und Lehre" → "Medien" → "Mobile Information Systems SoSe 2015" and provide the password given in the first lecture.

Project: Tangible, Tablet, Tabletop

The last 10 years have brought a multitude of novel interaction paradigms to everyday life. These include tangible interaction with physical manipulation of interface components, mobile computing using smartphones and tablets as well as interactive tabletops, large-scale horizontal displays. In this project, we will explore possible combinations of these paradigms, implement them in prototypes and possibly evaluate them.

Project: Massive Mobile Multiplayer

Interaction with public screens can be made personal using smartphones. In this project, we develop a framework to allow setup-free, real-time interaction suitable even for fast multiplayer games.