DEAFpré, DEAFplus, DEAF recherche avancée

DEAF électronique is the electronic version of the old French dictionary published by the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften. In order to improve the infrastructure required for preparing the articles, the DEAF team together with colleagues from the University of Karlsruhe decided to develop an electronic editing system. Besides this, DEAF aimed to publish their finished articles online in addition to the printed form and to publish short articles, too. We developed the interactive Web representation of DEAFplus for finished (long) articles as well as DEAFpré for shot articles. Furthermore, we developed an XML based backup system and an LaTeX export tool for preparing the printed version of DEAFplus articles. Currently the system offers a keyword based search but an enhanced search tool is currently under development. The DEAF team plans to launch the first version of  DEAF électronique by the middle of 2010.

The project founded by the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften.

Data Modeling and Database Design

The project "data modeling and database design" is an educational project. It is part (module 4) of the Software Engineering Academy offered by Bayer Business Services. It covers the whole process of specifying, modeling, designing, and implementing databases. Beside the theoretical concepts that are taught in 3 days, practical exercises help to understand the necessity of a well structured approach to proceed from a problem to a consistent and usable database application.

The project is founded by Bayer Business Services.