MMSmap 2013

2. Workshop on Mapping Research in Mobility and Mobile Information Systems – MMSmap 2013

in conjunction with the 15. GI-conference on business, technology, and web (BTW 2013)

Mobility is key for modern computer-based information systems: users are mobile, devices are mobile, services are mobile, workflows include mobility, business models reflect mobility, etc. However, this status quo is not surprising. Researchers did a lot of work in this area since more than 10 years.

Especially, the GI-section “Mobility and Mobile Information Systems – FG MMS” founded in spring 2005 aims for bundling activities in this field. In October 2006 the first edition of this workshop was organized as a Dagstuhl Seminar. During that participants structured the (German) research landscape on MMS topics. These efforts resulted in the MMS conference series, various research collaborations and supported the development of the MMS section as an active part of the GI. Due to the technical developments in the hardware sector (e.g., smartphones) and the network infrastructure (e.g., UMTS, LTE), many former visions became reality. However, there are many issues and open research questions left. To build up on a solid basis the MMS organizers board plans seven years after the first workshop to consolidate the mobility research landscape in 2013, again.

As the MMS is part of the GI FB WI as well as of the GI FB DBIS, this workshop will be held in conjunction with the BTW conference 2013.

To derive a detailed summary of mobility research (in Germany) we aim to hold a “real” workshop that is divided into a) brief presentations of the participants regarding their recent work / developments and the future developments they outguess and b) a broad moderated discussion that helps to focus or identify the main drivers and research questions during the next 10 years. Therefore, the second part of the workshop is planned to be a so-called future search conference. Main outcome of this workshop will be on the one hand a map (landscape) of mobile research in Germany and on the other hand a roadmap describing future trends and steps in this field.

We invite researchers as well as practitioners of the mobile community to present their most recent research topics and to actively participate during the afternoon session. The presentation of each participant should not longer last than ten to fifteen minutes giving the opportunity for brief (five minutes) discussion afterwards.


  • Professor Dr. Hagen Höpfner (JP), Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
  • Professor Dr. Markus Bick, ESCP Europe Wirtschaftshochschule Berlin


  • The workshop contributions will not be published in form of proceedings. In contrast workshop results will be published on MMS' website.