Summer term 2010

Summer term 2010

In the summer term 2010 we offer a master level course on "Mobile Media". It takes place each Thursday starting at 5pm in room 014 (Bauhausstraße 11). We will continuously provide you with the lecture material here, so stay tuned ;-)

Due to the difficulties we had at the beginning to provide you with the course material, we postpone the deadline for the requirements specification of the project. The new due date is April 29th, 2010.

UPDATE! (07/05/2010) The final exam will take place on July 23rd, 2010 at 10 o'clock in SR 105, B11. It will be an 90 minutes written open book exam.

UPDATE! (07/08/2010) The corrected slide set "semantic caching" has been uploaded!

UPDATE (07/14/2010) A printer friendly version of the slides has been uploaded.

Master level course on mobile media

MDBIS book cover

The mobility of computing devices such as smart phones, cell phones, PDAs, or laptops in combination with the technical restrictions of wireless data communication requires alternative methods for managing data and information. In this lecture we  discuss special approaches, techniques and methods of mobile information systems. We will cover location based/dependent query processing, moving object databases, data management with redundancies, as well as information adaptation for mobile devices and transactional guarantees.

The course is based on the German textbook "Mobile Datenbanken und Informationssysteme" written by Hagen Höpfner, Can Türker, and Birgitta-König Ries (Dpunkt Verlag; Auflage: 1., Aufl. (Juli 2005); ISBN: 389864264X). However, it also covers more recent research results in form of additional readings.

Additional Readings

Service discovery

Query processing

Moving object databases

Mobile Transactions