Bauhaus and the modernization of spatial planning in the 20th century


Prof. Dr. Max Welch Guerra, Piero Sassi, Elodie Vittu, Dr. Julia Gamberini

3 Ects/2 SWS

Almost 100 years after the establishment of the Bauhaus, we consider the legacy of one of the biggest projects aiming to modernize the living environment for which the school founded in Weimar stands today. The series of lectures combines a discussion of this project in terms of societal and political determinants, its discourse und its changes over the 20th century, with a consideration of particular examples of its implementation at the scale of spatial planning.

In doing this, we examine cities with a closer relationship to the Bauhaus History – such as Weimar and Dessau- and also some cities where consciously induced modernization invokes other projects. Our considered geographical contexts will include some of the cities investigated within our research projects and PhD programmes. The lectures will be given both by scholars of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and by invited guests.