European Urbanism in the 20th Century

November 2013

The major contributions to the field of urbanism in the 20th Century came mostly from Europe. Nowadays, researchers from different countries are beginning to determine the differences, parallels and analogies among urban policies and
design in the diverse countries and periods. This looks to examine the century as a whole and to consider the so-called peripheral countries as to transcend the traditional fixation on certain regions and national views of history which are
full of international interdependences. How does one apprehend the evolution and functions of the urban discipline and the effects on its practice?
Which academic approaches are appropriate and efficient? Why is planning history and the interpretation of urban design in European countries becoming more and more relevant for the scientific, cultural and political fields?

The research workshop will show the results of current investigations in France, Spain and Germany. It is conceived as an introduction for young scholars and as an invitation for experts to discover the promising field of research for urbanists,
architects and other space-oriented academics.

The research workshop is organized by the Bauhaus-Institute for History and Theory of Architecture and Planning.


15.00 Introduction
15.15 Laurent Coudroy de Lille, Lab‘urba, Institut d‘urbanisme de Paris-UPEC
         Current Questions for Contemporary Urbanism History in France
16.00 Harald Bodenschatz, Center for Metropolitan Studies, TU Berlin
         Three Exhibitions in Lisbon under Salazar: 1940, 1941 and 1952
16.45 Christian von Oppen, Center for Metropolitan Studies, TU Berlin
          French Urbanists Forming the Capital of Salazar’s Empire

17.30 Break

17.45 Piero Sassi, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
         Post-civil war reconstruction in Spain and Madrid‘s „Plan Bidagor“
18.30 María Castrillo, Universidad de Valladolid
         Notes for a History of Urban Renewal in Spain, 20th Century:
         Approaches and Policies

19.15 Max Welch Guerra, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
         The Law for Urban Development Funding (Städtebauförderungsgesetz)
         from 1971, its Political Functions and its Consequences for the Planning
         Discipline in the Federal Republic of Germany.

20.30 Final Discussion

          Each contribution will be no longer than 30 minutes, followed by a
          15 minutes discussion session.