Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, April 15th 2016

Steffen de Rudder: Introduction to New Urban Mobility
Chair of Urban Planning and Urban Design I, BUW

A symposium on the latest achievements in urban mobility and the transformation of urban space with independent experts from four European cities.

Although still in an avant-garde state, the transformation of urban mobility already has a history of its own. Having started in the nineties, the process has entered a second stage: after the first technical, matter-of-fact implementation of new infrastructure these early achievements are now being evaluated and reflected, improved and refined.
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Der Umbau städtischer Mobilität ist eines der großen Themen zukünftiger Stadtentwicklung. Obwohl als Phänomen noch relativ jung, hat new urban mobility schon eine eigene Geschichte. Nach den Anfängen in den neunziger Jahren ist der Prozess des Umbaus in eine zweite Phase getreten: die Projekte der Pionierzeit, bei denen es um die technische Realisierung der neuen Infrastrukturen ging, können nun evaluiert, verbessert und im Lichte neuer Erkenntnisse erweitert werden.
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The videos of the lectures are online. Review our guests on video.

Stefan Bendiks: New Urban Mobility
Artgineering, author of Cycle Infrastructure

Laurent Barelier, Paris
Project manager mobilities, Groupe Chronos

John Dales: Living Streets
Director of Urban Movement

Klaus Bondam: News From Cycling Copenhagen
Director of Danish Cyclists’ Federation

live, interactive video stream
We would like to invite you to follow the live, interactive video stream of our symposium. Additionally, you will be able to contribute with questions that will be communicated to the speakers during the discussion session. Live Stream