Mission Statement

The Institute for European Urban Studies at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar trains students in its international study programme European Urban Studies to become urban researchers. Spatial competences of professions in planning and design are considered with comprehensive questions about current urban development in an interdisciplinary way. The urban- and building culture of European regions and their local perspectives receive special attention in an international context. The eight professorships of European Urban Studies position themselves with different but complementary views. 

What is the Institute for European Urban Studies (IfEU) at the Bauhaus-University Weimar?

The following movie from 2019 is a collection of interviews with current professors, researchers and students at the Institute for European Urban Studies.

Institute for European Urban Studies

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Many thanks to everyone involved, including those who worked on the film in the background:

Film and production: Elodie Vittu, Simona Grüter-Bîrgaoanu
Camera and interviews: Miriam Neßler, Moritz Twente
Editing and color correction: Jascha Fibich