PhD at the institute

At the Institute of European Urban Studies, there is an international doctoral program called "European Urban Studies" (IPP-EU) and two other expiring programs German-Argentinean Doctoral College "Urban and Regional Research" (SRF) and the Research Group "Urban Heritage" (UH).

Other doctoral students at the Institute are part of the programs: "Identity and Heritage" (GraKo), "Urban Hist" (UHist) and "Junior Research Group Social Housing Supply" (NFG).

In addition to the list programs, an "Individual Doctorate" (Individual) is possible at the Institute. The doctorate is developed outside of a structured program in consultation with a supervisor. The focus areas of the PhD candidates range between urban design and planning, urban sociology, heritage and history, architecture, landscape architecture and building management. Graphic 1 shows the fields our researchers are working on.

Graph 1: Focus areas at the institute

A doctoral working group meets regularly at the IfEU for networking. The group aims at bringing together the researchers to exchange on experiences and learn from each other. Registration in the group by email inquiry to elodie.vittu[at] and via the moodle room: "Doctoral Working Group IfEU" (access for university members without room password).

Graph 2: Research Localities