Graph of the institute's research landscape

DFG:“NagelbrettbinderSPP 2255,Construction as a CulturalHeritageWüstenrot-Stiftung:ConservationPostmodernismDFG:Identity and HeritageDAAD (IVAC):New Urban MobilityBMBF:Urban-RuralAssemblyBMBF:AFRESI – AfricanResilient CitiesDFG: Large-scale Projects in DiscourseWorking Group: Weimarian HousingResearchBMBF:Stadtwende– Urban RenewalAnnual Conference: Authoritarian UrbanismDFG: Conservation Raumfachwerk(SPP 2255,Construction as a CulturalHeritage)BMBF: Vogtlandpioniere- Innovation inRegional DevelopmentDFG: Housing in a MonumentSeries: Weimarian City TalksWorking Group Socio-ecological SpatialResearchModern HeritageMobilityBlue-green InfrastructuresMental HealthMemory StudiesClimateLandGovernanceUrban LeftoversHousingDemocracyAuthoritarianismBuilding TransitionMigrationPlanning HistoryWaterUrban-ruralHERITAGESOCIAL PARTICIPATIONSOCIAL ECOLOGICAL TRANSFORMATION Research LandscapeResearch projects at IfEU and/or participation of IfEU Professors[Stand: July 2023]COMPLETED PROJECTS - EU: UrbanHist (2016–2022) - Volkswagen Stiftung: Monument Topography Taschkent (2017–2019)- HBS: NFG Social Housing Supply (2016-2019)- BMBF: KOMET (2016–2019)- Volkswagen Stiftung: Rurban Landscapes (2015–2019)- IBA: CityCountrySchool (2014–2018)- Spatial Planning and Modes of Political Domination (2020/2021)- Urban Austerity (2014)- Future of Inner Cities (2015)- Housing for All?! (2016)- Rurban Landscapes (2017)- Housing Questions without an End (2018)- Land.Economy.Society (2019)ANNUAL CONFERENCESPROFESSORSHIPSUrban Design IUrban Planning Conservation and History of ArchitectureSpatial Planning and ResearchEuropean Cities and Urban HeritageLandscape Architecture and Planning Urban Studies and Social ResearchUrban and Regional DesignUrban Architecture- DAAD: IPP-Programs (GSSP UrbanHousing, previously: Urban Heritage) (2002–2022)- BMBF: Urban Co-Production of Social Rights and Public Welfare (2020–2022)- BMWSB/BBSR: Winter School The Identity-forming Region (2021–2022)- FES: Changing Cities in a Changing Climate (2021-2022)- BMWSB/BMI/BBSR: Post-Corona City (2021–2023)- TAB: Three Rooms, Kitchen, Hall, Bath (2017–2021)