Guided Research Project

In the European Urban Studies Master's programme, scientific engagement in questions of City and Spatial Planning, Urban Development and Urban Sociology is of utmost importance. The study programme's unique feature is the individually supervised Guided Research Project. Its purpose is to establish intensive scientific connections by enabling students to go abroad and to conduct field work at IfEU partner institutions – European universities and research institutes alike.

The Guided Research Project represents a core element of the Master's curriculum: It prepares students for independent and professional research projects by accompanying them before, during and after a research stay abroad. The Research Project is conducted as part of an exchange with a research institution in Germany or abroad and may be partly supported by Erasmus Funding. The Institute for European Urban Studies therefore maintains a vast network of worldwide research institutions.

Integration into the Programme

Integration of the GRP into the Study Programme

The Guided Research Project is embedded in preparatory seminars, offline and online meetings, as well as recurrent consultations and submissions. The students develop academic skills through preparing, conducting, and reporting on an individual research project. They also enhance their project management skills through the planning of the research stay abroad and monitored self-organiszation aspects for collective exchange and reflection.


A special eLearning course on the university's Moodle platform ensures thorough preparation prior to departure and continuous feedback during the mobility period by the supervisors.

Implementing Moodle serves two goals: To provide up-to-date information on the Guided Research Project's structure and timeline and to serve as a link between students and their supervisors. During their time abroad, the students work together in different groups and are encouraged to use software such as Adobe Connect which is provided by the university and can be accessed via Moodle. Its intuitive setup and the utilisation of interactive eLearning tools such as H5P ensure that Moodle is the go-to place for the Guided Research Project's organisation.

The accompanying Moodle course is developed by an eTutor in the context of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar's eLab program.