Guided Research Project

Core element and unique feature of the Master's programme European Urban Studies is the Guided Research Project (GRP). The GRP is an individual research project which is conducted as part of an exchange with a research institution in Germany or abroad in the third semester.

During the course of the first and second semester the students will be equipped with the background knowledge and academic skills to develop a research question, to prepare a research design and to conduct field work. The GRP is therefore not only a possibility to follow personal research interests, but also to gain first experiences in working in a scientific context and to enhance individual project management skills.

Blended Learning Concept


Throughout the whole GRP, the IfEU guides and supports the students before, during and after the research mobility. In order to allow the students to work on a research topic of their interest, the well-established scientific connections of the institute and a database with European partner universities and institutions help the students to find a suitable destination. Furthermore, the GRP is embedded in preparatory seminars, recurrent consultations and a mix of in-class meetings and online classes. Study groups will help the students to stay connected and learn from each other’s experiences during the individual research semester.