summaery2022: Projekte

do we know?


eingereicht von
Carolina Fernandes Garcia Pinto

Clara Chavassieux, Enora Drion, Sarah Fakhri, Carolina Garcia, Anaïs Pinnel, Isidora Žarković

Prof. Dr. Eva Krivanec, M.A. Katja Hettich, Marijana Cvetković

Kunst und Gestaltung,

Medienkunst/Mediengestaltung - Studienprogramm Media Art and Design (Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.))

Art der Präsentation
– Sonstiges –

Sommersemester 2022

Ausstellungs- / Veranstaltungsort
  • Bauhausstraße 15
    (Project Room)


The project “do we know?” comes from a common observation: in intercultural projects, bonding and taking into account different identities in the collective is very complex.

At the crossroads of these two issues, the project aims to find new ways to build connection in intercultural contexts. The aim is to research, share and offer tools for better mutual understanding, safe and trustful exchanges and consideration of individualities with their emotions and specificities within a group.

The B15 room will be a 4 days “Social Pop Up School” to learn (from each other) ways to make sense together through workshops, talks, drawings, resting time or informal chats. Our research and experiments will be exhibited there as well.

The project is part of SHAKIN (Sharing subaltern knowledge through and for international cultural collaborations), a collaboration between three universities (University Lumière Lyon 2, Bauhaus-University Weimar, University of Arts Belgrade) and three cultural organizations (Association Independent Cultural Scene Serbia, Stockholm Museum of Women's History, le LABA).

E-Mail: carolina.garcia[at]

Ausstellungs- / Veranstaltungsort