Perceptive immersion for radio dramas

(c) Lina Gräf

Ein Radiogespräch mit Frédéric Changenet (Radio France) in der Reihe Immersive Audio.

For the third Radiogespräch in this semester the Experimental Radio invites the sound engineer Frédéric Changenet (Radio France) to Weimar. Four years ago, Radio France created the “cinema pour vos oreilles”, cinema for ears. The public is invited to come in one of the studios to listen to a radio program in the dark with immersive sound. Placed in the center of a 30 loudspeakers setup driven by a WFS processor, the public has a unique experience. Since the beginning of this adventure, more than 30 radio productions were created or adapted for the “cinema pour vos oreilles”. At the same time, these productions are broadcasted in stereo on the radio and are available as a streaming online, in binaural and 5.1: these productions have several lives. This poses technical questions. How can we make an audio program that suits all these different formats and different listening conditions with a good compatibility (with headphones, with other people in a theater, in a car…)? But there are also questions about narration, and especially on how we can use perceptive immersion in the process of telling a story.Frédéric Changenet graduated from ENS Louis Lumière and joined Radio France in 2000 as a sound engineer. He first worked on classical music postproduction and pop/rock music sound reinforcement. For seven years now he has been involved in the development of immersive sound production for live music, documentary and dramas.

Montag, 20. Januar 2020, 18:30 Uhr 
Ort: SeaM-Werkstattstudio
Coudraystraße 13a (Raum 011)
99423 Weimar

Das Radiogespräch findet in Kooperation zwischen der Professur Experimentelles Radio und der Professur für elektroakustische Komposition und Klanggestaltung statt und wird gefördert durch den Förderfonds Bauhaus.Module.