Forschergruppe "Die digitale Straße" Intelligente Verkehrsinfrastruktur für vernetztes und hoch-automatisiertes Fahren

Project description

The digitalization of road transport is a megatrend worldwide, which is driven by technological developments, changing attitudes and behaviours and hence new business models as well. Thus, the focus of research and development in industry and science worldwide is on highly automated and interconnected driving. An essential impulse can occur through sensor technology in the field of road if it is successful to integrate affordable MEMS-technology for acquisition of traffic-related parameters, environmental data and condition data of the structure (road and civil engineering structures) into energy-self-sufficient, intelligent sensor networks and to connect with traffic management centers and vehicles.

Partial aspects of the topic are documented in numerous research projects and publications. At it, especially the knowledge domains Traffic (Intelligent Transport Systems – ITS), Computing in Civil Engineering (digitalization) and Structure (maintenance management) are addressed which are covered in this project as well. The unanswered question is in what way such sensor networks can be configured in the field of road and bridge. For this purpose, requirements from traffic, environment and structure management shall be identified and ideal configurations shall be determined and evaluated for various parameters. New modelling and simulation methods, aligned with the heterogenic and pluridisciplinary problem “intelligent road”, are developed and tested for it. Criteria for optimization are determined regarding energy efficiency, data quality (accuracy, integrity). Furthermore, the share of data for traffic-related applications including their effects on environment and economy are quantified and calibrated with real data.

Project consortium

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar:

                  Chair Transport System Planning
                  Chair Computing in Civil Engineering
                  Chair Structural Engineering and Hybrid Design

Funding programme

Funding of research and development intensity in companies and research institutions in Thuringia – Funding of research groups in key objective “Sustainable and intelligent mobility and logistic”

Project sponsor

Thüringer Aufbaubank


January 2018 – Summer 2020