Technological narratives and the ecological worlds they make III

Blockseminar MA, MU, MediaA ab 1. FS 2 SWS | 3 ECTS

Lehrende: Dr. Dulmini Perera

Is the discourse of ecology ecological? Does it inspire ways of working with ecological and technological questions in transformative ways, or does it become limited by methods derived from disciplinary interests focused on parts of a broader question, often failing to engage the complex dynamics of lived realities? Ecological thinkers such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Gregory Bateson, Carl Jung, Francisco Varela, and David Bohm have argued that what is required for such an ecological transformation is not simply a technological, economic, environmental, or social shift but rather a broader change in our ways of knowing and making sense of ourselves, our relationships, our practices, and life as a "whole".

This semester, we will get together as a reading group to collectively read and explore seven key texts emerging from transdisciplinary explorations that look into the relationships between the concept of wholeness and worldmaking in different ways. We will also examine how these ideas have already entered design/ architecture/ media practices in multiple contexts, from regenerative design, countercultural ecological experiments, the design of alternative media environments/technologies, and alternative organisation models. It is hoped that these readings would provide the participants with a conceptual toolbox to think through some of the most pressing questions related to technology, ecology and design of our times. In addition, we will also take time to reflect and experiment with our reading practices and how they affect our practices of making.

Format: Introductory session  + 7 reading group sessions

Assignment: For the assignment, participants are invited to select some of the ideas discussed in the course and explore how explorations of wholeness can inform their own research design research/practice projects.

Language: The sessions will be conducted in English ( Assignments can be submitted in English or German)

Note: The Seminar is part of a series of activities,workshops and events funded by DFG(Germany) grant number 508363000 and the AHRC(United Kingdom).


Time: wednesday 11:00 Uhr
Location: Marienstr. 9, R. 103