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Erstellt: 16. Februar 2023

Turning Back Inside? Ethnographies of Interiors

28 February 2023, 9.30-16.00.

LINK: tu-berlin.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5crcOquqj0iH9yBNdwZrKOpGrbXimayiLrT
Code: 332255

Lidia Gasperoni (TU Berlin), 

Julia von Mende (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar),

Brett Mommersteeg (HU Berlin)

and the Netzwerk Architekturwissenschaft e.V. - with the kind support of Sutor Stiftung. 

The recent pandemic and climate change with effects on a global scale overturn the logic of a clear distinction between outside and inside on a local level – which is one of the mainstays of housing the world. The conference Turning back inside. Ethnographies of Interiors aims to create a shared moment of reflection on the concept of interiors: are they only the spaces that human beings inhabit and that allow a certain degree of ownership, protection, intimacy? How are private and public workspaces being rearticulated? Or is it not the environmental and cohabited space, hitherto kept outside as nature, that critical zone that changes the very logic of the interior and re-appropriates it as the environmental space of multispecies relations? How do ethnographic methods draw the boundary between what matters and what does not, studying spatial realities from an ‘inside’ point of view versus critical distance, and their logics of tidiness and messiness? The conference aims to discuss these questions through the lens of ethnographic research applied to architecture, discussing the potential of ethnographic methods by accessing the most diverse interiors, investigating their structuring logics, and re-examining their relationships with the supposed exteriors.


Code: 332255