European Spatial Planning

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Jun.Prof. Grischa Bertram, Msc Tanja Potezica
3 LP/2 SWS

European Spatial Planning

The seminar ”Spatial planning” is part of the module ”European cities”. It is specifically designed for students of the master program ”European Urban Studies, M.Sc.” but is open to other master programmes (Urbanistik, IUDD, Erasmus…). The aim of the seminar is to develop an understanding and a wider reflexion of the diversity of planning cultures in Europe through the analysis of models, theories, key concepts and case studies. We will explore the topic though a set of questions: what are the main principles of spatial planning in European countries? What are the main, and somehow contradictory, challenges spatial planning must face? To what extent is spatial planning able to maintain social and territorial cohesions and to integrate the sustainability imperatives? What are the political and planning responses and what kind of instruments are developed?

The methods of the seminar will be a combination of lectures by the instructors, student presentations and discussions. We will look at the following countries: Serbia, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany. To explore contemporary challenges students will give presentations on specific projects within these countries. Finally, we will look at key concepts of spatial planning on the scale of Europe. 

Final grade: active participation, individual paper, presentation

Language: English

Appointment: Thursdays, 9.15-12.30: 13.4., 27.4., 1.6., 8.6., 22.6., 29.6., 6.7.

Start: 13.04.2023

The seminar is compulsory for the students of the Master “European Urban Studies”. If you are not involved in the EUS Master and if you want to attend the seminar, please contact Tanja Potezica Tanja.potezica(a)