Spatial Planning


Dr. Julia Gamberini
3 LP/2 SWS


The seminar “Spatial planning” is part of the module “European cities”. It is specifically designed for students of the master program “European Urban Studies, M.Sc.” but is open to other master programmes (Urbanistik…). The aims of the seminar are to develop an understanding and a wider reflexion of the diversity of planning cultures in Europe through the analysis of models, theories, key concepts and case studies. This seminar proposes to explore and question more thoroughly the challenges spatial planning faces and the answers given. We will raise and discuss some of the following questions: what are the main principles of spatial planning in European countries? What are the main, and somehow contradictory, challenges spatial planning must face (e.g. metropolisation vs. shrinking processes)? To what extent is spatial planning able to maintain social and territorial cohesions and to integrate the sustainability imperatives? What are the political and planning responses and what kind of instruments are developed?

Methods: The seminar methods are mainly based on: Input from the instructor; discussions over key concepts of spatial planning in Europe through articles and case studies; identification and definition of key concepts related to spatial planning; small collective groups, collective and individual exercises; readings and homework; individual consultations.

Final grade: active participation, individual paper and short individual presentation

Language: English

Start: 6.05.2020 from 9.15-12.30.

Other meetings: 20.05.2020; 3.06.2020; 17.06.2020; 1.07.2020.

Where: Moodle room “Spatial planning in Europe”. Enter the video-conference with “Big Blue Button”.