The Spatial Impacts of the EU


M. Sc. Karl Eckert, Prof. Dr. Max Welch Guerra
3 LP/2 SWS

The European Union is heavily investing in the renovation of its urban environment in a manner mirrored on no other continent. This is in recognition of the importance cities hold to realize broad political goals such as the Europe 2020 Strategy of "smart, sustainable and inclusive" growth for the Union. Critical views and opposing opinions become marginalized as broad EU policies become mainstreamed and certain historical, cultural, socio-economic, environmental aspects (among others) are left out if not intentionally ignored. This makes EU funds and their use an important subject to debate, especially in sight of the current programming period, which, at least on the surface, represents a new holistic and sustainable approach. But is this really the case?
The seminar will begin with the presentation of research results and experience, including theoretical foundation for the interpretation of said programming and analytical methods. Topics such as "territorial cohesion" and the urban dimension of EU eastern expansion will be presented and help explain the impact of Cohesion Policy on the city and state level. Students will then undertake their own research on a topic of personal interest related to the priorities and goals of the EU. At the end of the seminar students shall be able to navigate through EU policy and positively interpret its effects on cities and be empowered to propose new and creative designs for its future use.