History and Theory of Exhibitions

Zeit: Dienstag, 13:30 bis 15:00

Ort: Bauhausstraße 11, Sem. 014

Teil des Studienmoduls: Zeichentheorie (B.A. Medienkultur)

Beschreibung: The history of the art exhibition emerges from the salon culture of 17th century France where exhibitions were meant to enforce and propagate a courtly taste. Only in the 19th century, in alignment with the Salon des Refusés and the Salon des Indépendants, on the one hand, and the London and Paris world exhibitions, on the other, the autonomy of art was established along with the notion of the modern art observer. The seminar aims at reconstructing the history of art exhibitions as aesthetic practices as well as exercises in modern gouvernementality both of which are connected to the production of subjectivities. The seminare looks at case studies of significant art exhibitions and provides theoretical approaches to the field.