Getting startet with & support for your thesis work

Would you like to propose your own topic? Have you decide on one of the open topics?

We appreciate if you sort your initial ideas according to the following template: Template_StudyReport.pdf. This template should help you to find out the most important points that are relevant for structuring your research. You may not need everything that is asked there at this stage, or you may not be able to fill in all the details that are in the future (e.g. findings or discussion). Nevertheless, this is a very good start to get into conversation with us about your planned thesis project!

Check out our Moodle platform for thesis students!

Once we have agreed to supervise your thesis work, you can register for our shared thesis area on Moodle or you can ask your HCI supervisor to add you there.

On this platform, we provide various information and resources that are helpful for your thesis. We launched this in May 2021, so it is still growing. We are happy to receive your suggestions to expand and improve this workspace.

You can also network with our other thesis students there. You will find a virtual meeting room there, which you can use to hold meetings related to your thesis project (also with external people).

Do you have any questions? Please contact our staff