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Ongoing theses


Elisabeth Scholz (B.Sc. Medieninformatik): Remote multiplayer toys for children (working title)

Arika Dodani (MSc. HCI): Data Modality & UX (working title)

Lisa Guth (MSc. CS&DM): An AR-app for vocational training in waste-water treatment (working title) (in collaboration with Professur Siedlungswasserwirtschaft, Civil Engineering)

He Ren (MSc. HCI): A Study of Differences in Understanding and Memorization between Physicalization and Virtualization. 


Completed theses

Aixa Navas Valbuena (Master Media Architecture): ‘Enveloppe’ of the depiction of impressions. Reinterpreting a concept of Impressionism through a light installation using projection mapping. (2nd supervisor: Mathias Thiel, Exhibition Design & Architecture, Studio asisi Berlin, CEO asisi F&E) (June 2020)

Liselot Ramirez (M.Sc. HCI): Mixed Reality Interface Prototype for Smart Home Systems. (with Prof. Christian Koch, Intelligent Technical Design, Fac. of Civil Engineering) (April 2020)

Mohamad Ghadir Khalil (Master Media Architecture): Trans-Local Mindfulness - Mutual meditation practice for enhancing emotional awareness (supervised by Britta Schulte/ Eva Hornecker, 2nd supervisor: Brian Larson Clark) (March 2020)

Leoni Fischer (BA Product Design): 'Peatland forensics' -Environment Grief (1st supervisor from PD, Hannes Waldschütz 2nd supervisor) (Jan 2020)

Ulysse Fontaine (Master Media Architecture): Body, Visual, Movement, Light: An audio/visual interactive performance. (2nd supervisor: Timm Burkhardt) (Dec. 2019)

Aziz Niyazov (M.Sc. HCI): Design and evaluation of non-rectangular user interfaces (2nd supervisor: Prof. Marcos Serrano at IRIT, University of Toulouse) (Oct. 2019)

Sujay Shalawadi: Exploring and Evaluating Inter Modal Interfaces using Pneumatics (M.Sc. CS4DM) (data physicalization based on inflatable structures in the context of Personal Informatics)  (2nd supervisor Jan Ehlers) (June 2019)

Govienda Kumar: Body movement to RGB color mapping with artists support - a cross-platform app for controlling LEDs remotely (M.Sc. CSM) (2nd supervisor Dr. Andreas Jakoby) (April 2019)

Ibni Amin: Investigating spatial impact on user experience of interactive media façades (M.Sc. CS&M) (2nd supervisor Dr. Jan Ehlers) (March 2019)

Evelyn Reuß: Sensory Toys - Sensorisches Spielzeug für Babys und Kleinkinder bis zu 2 Jahren (working title) (M.F.A. Integrated International Media Art and Design Studies) (1st supervisor Prof. Dr. sc. hum. Jens Geelhaar, 2nd supervisor Michaela Honauer) (early 2019)

Roy Müller + Hala Ghatasheh. Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer - The Flying Classroom: An exploration in the use of spatial storytelling «story living» as a pedagogical tool. (Master Media Architecture) (1st supervisor Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Des. Bernd Rudolf, 2nd supervisor Eva Hornecker) (October 2018)

Hauke Sandhaus: An Ambient Display for Feedforward Information in Autonomous Vehicles. (MSc. HCI), in collaboration with Bosch, USA. (2nd supervisor Dr. Jan Ehlers) (September 2018)

Georg Erfurt: Development and Evaluation of a Training System for Children with Dyscalculia supported by Camera Based Finger Tracking. (M.Sc. CSM) in collaboration with IPF Institut für Pädagogische Förderung Gotha (2nd supervisor Dr. Jan Ehlers) (May 2018)

Fernando Cárdenas Monsalve: Facilitating face-to-face interactions in a social environment with an App. (M.Sc. HCI) (2nd supervisor Florian Echtler) (May 2018)

Liese Endler: ENCODING KUNSTFIGUREN Programmierte Performance. (M.F.A. Medienkunst/Mediengestaltung) (1st supervisor Hon.Prof. Micky Remann, 2nd supervisor Michaela Honauer) (April 2018)

Nguyen Thien Chinh: Improving Video Analysis and Annotation Software: Comprende Mapper through Visualization and Space Type model  (M.Sc. CS&M) (2nd supervisor Dr. Andreas Jakoby) (February 2018)

Muhammed Raisul Islam (Tamim Tam): Exploring Interaction of MYO Armband in Computer Gaming (M.Sc. CS&M) (2nd supervisor Florian Echtler) (January 2018)

Kevin Schminnes: Clustered Interfaces: Kommunikation, Interaktion und Synchronisierung von LED-Warnleuchten mithilfe von OSC-Daten (B.Sc. Medieninformatik) (2nd supervisor Florian Echtler) (January 2018)

Mark Eisenberg: Designing an interface for connecting a Web of Things (M.Sc. HCI)  (2nd supervisor Florian Echtler) (Nov. 2017)

Preetha Moorthy: Textile Interfaces for Kids: A touch and feel book (M.Sc. HCI) (2nd supervisor Prof. Andreas Mühlenberend, Produktdesign BUW) (August 2017)

Pavel Karpashevich: Digitization of Human Body Abstraction in Theatrical and Dance Performances (M.Sc. HCI) (2nd supervisor Prof. Wolfgang Sattler, Produktdesign BUW) (April 2017)

Nana Kesewaa Dankwa: Exploring Participatory Eco-feedback Design for Reflection and User Agency. A student accomodation case study (M.Sc. CS&M) (2nd supervisor: Dr. John Halloran, University of Coventry) (January 2017)

Georg Erfurt: Drahtlose mobile öffentliche Interfaces. Einfluss von räumlichen Gegebenheiten auf die Interaktionstechniken zwischen Nutzer und Modul  (B.Sc. Medieninformatik) (2nd supervisor Florian Echtler)(Oktober 2016)

Hasibullah Sahibzada: Comparison of Interactive and Non-Interactive Advertisement in Public Displays (M.Sc. HCI) (2nd supervisor Florian Echtler)  (July/August 2016)

Till Fastnacht: Sonnengarten - urbane Lichtinstallation mit Interaktion durch Pflanzen  (B.Sc. Medieninformatik) (May 2016) video. see also docu page

Thomas Keßler: Exploration von pneumatischen Interfaces mittels weicher Materialien (B.Sc. Medieninformatik) (2nd supervisor Florian Echtler) (May 2016)

Daniel Pollack: Entwicklung einer Software zur Messdatenerfassung und Signalsteuerung mit Hilfe der Arduino Plattform (B.Sc. Medieninformatik) -> Screencast  (2nd supervisor Florian Echtler) (April 2016)

Daniela Pohl: Tangibles vs Gestures - Entwicklung und Evaluation einer Tangible- und Gestensteuerung für das Computerspiel Tetris  (B.Sc. Medieninformatik) (Sept. 2015)

Lynn Hoff: Untersuchung des Einflusses von Priming auf Legacy Bias bei der Durchführung von Gesture Elicitation Studies (B.Sc. Medieninformatik)  (2nd supervisor Sven Bertel)  (Sept. 2015)

Michael Pannier: Can’t Touch This - A Prototype for Public Pointing Interaction (a museum installation) (M.Sc. CS&M)  (2nd supervisor Sven Bertel) (Feb 2015)