Understanding Movement

Seminar im SS20, Sigrid Leyssen

Zeit: Dienstag, 13:30 - 15:00


Beschreibung: The film scholar Tom Gunning has argued how, surprisingly, movement has long been the blind spot of film studies. This seminar visits different approaches to understand movement and media: the seeing of movement, the technical production of moving images, the performing of bodily movements - and the specific knowledges that are involved in each of those. We study how movement has been studied in various disciplines, looking at the history of perception research, labour psychology, didactics, art, film studies, design and the history of technology. In the seminar we explore how different understandings of movement changed how it was approached in media technologies, and vice versa, how new media technologies had an impact on how movement could be understood. We read recent literature from the history of movement studies, but we also look at some primary historical texts and materials and explore the reconstruction of some historical experiments.
Together with the seminar “Taking the Impression of Reality to the Lab”, this seminar forms the MA Study Module Media Worlds. Offered as a Bauhaus Seminar, this seminar is open to all interested students, and is especially welcoming students from Media Studies, Media Architecture, Computer Science, and Art and Design.

The course will be offered in English.

Course Requirements: weekly readings, active participation in class meetings, short presentations, course paper on a topic of your choice related to the course theme (in English or German).


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  • Schuler, Romana Karla. (2016) Seeing Motion: A History of Visual Perception in Art and Science. De Gruyter.