General Information and Uni Assist

When will the application period at Uni Assist start?

This varies from semester to semester. We announce it at https://www.uni-weimar.de/en/civil-and-environmental-engineering/studies/master-degree-programmes/digital-engineering/application-procedure/ in the tab ‚Online Application‘.

Can I hand in the APS certificate later?

Unfortunately not. Please add your APS certificate during the application procedure. Your application will be rejected without this. Please refer to https://www.uni-assist.de/en/tools/glossary-of-terms/description/term/akademische-pruefstelle-aps for further information.

I have several certificates from trainings on the jobs and recommendation letters. Shall I send this together with the application?

During the eligibility check, several aspects are considered. However, too many documents slow down the process; hence, if you send only necessary documents, it is likely tat you receive an answer earlier. The following documents are always taken into account:

  • academic certificates and their transcripts,
  • English certificates: TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge FCE, Pearson PTE Academic (not especially mentioned in the study regulation yet but it is considered as equivalent),
  • letters that proof working in a company with detailed task descriptions,
  • and the motivation letter

Please avoid submitting numerous additional certificates.

I have several certificates from Coursera, LinkedIn or other online course providers. Are those considered for the elgibility check?

Courses from online course providers, for example Coursera or LinkedIn Learning, are not considered for the eligibility check.

I have applied for DEM. When can I expect a decision?

It is not possible to provide a general answer because of numerous involved institutions and persons. Processing your application takes some time since all applications have to be evaluated with care and fairness. There is no specific date for the publication of the application results.

English Language

I‘ve got a Bachelor‘s degree that certifies English as medium of instruction. Is that a valid proof of my English proficiency?

According to the study regulations §2 section 2, you have to proof your English proficiency at level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. If you have gained your bahelor‘s degree in a country that has English as official and educational language, this is normally considered as a valid proof of your English proficiecy. However, two exceptions of this rule are India and Pakistan. If you gained your bachelor‘s degree there, you have to provide an English certificate, e.g., from IELTS o Toefl.

I meet other requirements for applying, but my TOEFL score is 83, which means that my score is 3 marks less than what is required. My question is, should I apply?

No, your application cannot be considered if you do not meet the admission requirements.

Academic proficiency

2.3 is the minimum grade in the German grading system to be eligible for Digital Engineering. Is my grade sufficient?

To get an estimation if your grade is sufficient, you can use the Bavarian Formula (https://www.tum.de/en/studies/application/application-info-portal/grade-conversion-formula-for-grades-earned-outside-germany). Your grade may be sufficient if its conversion is smaller or equal to 2.3. However, this is only a guiding value. Uni Assist calculates your final value, which is used for decisions.

It is mentioned there that you need 2.3 German grade minimum in order to be eligible for this program. I just want to confirm whether 2.3 German grade is the minimum requirement OR, as I have 2.4 according to my bachelor degree as per UniAssist evaluation for another university, so, can I apply with 2.4 as well?

A grade of 2.3 according to the German grading system is the minimum requirement. Applications that do not meet the requirements cannot be considered.

What information should my academic certificate contain?

Credits and grades in several specific disciplines are checked. Hence, the certificate should contain

  • completed modules and courses,
  • credit points or similar for each course,
  • grades in the respective courses,
  • and an overall grade for your degree, e.g., CGPA.

Shall I send my syllabus along with my acadmic certificate?

In some cases, credit points or similar are not part of the academic certificate. If this is the case and only in this case, send your syllabus along with your certificate.

Self-written Academic Document

I don‘t have a bachelor‘s thesis. What else can I submit?

We need a self-written academic document to proof your academic writing skills. This document should be long enough and consist of an introduction, literature review, methodology, results and discussion. Possible documents are

  • a bachelor‘s thesis,
  • a project report,
  • one or several journal articles or
  • one or several confeterence papers

Is an abstact of the self-written academic document enough?

The academic document is used to check your proficiency in academic writing. An abstract does not represent your academic writing skills essentially.Hence, please send the entire document.

My acadmic document is written neither in English nor in German. Will it be considered?

Several languages may be handled by us, e.g., Russian, Turkish, and Farsi. Please send us the entire document in the original language. If we face problems, we will contact you.

Registration and Enrollment

I have received an admission letter. How long is it valid?

Your letter of admission is valid for one year.

Is it possible to postpone my enrollment?

The letter of admission is valid for one year from the date of issue. If you are unable to enroll for the summer semester, you can enroll at a later date (e.g. winter semester) with the original letter.

What is the latest date for registering at the university for the semester?

Latest dates are the 31st March and the 30th September for the summer and winter semester respectively.

When shall I pay my semester fees for enrollment?

Please follow the guidelines for enrollment according to the information on the letter of admission. In addition, please check the homepage for current information, such as the current semester fee: www.uni-weimar.de/en/university/studies/new-students/

Attention! Please make sure that you do not transfer the semester fee to us before your visa has been issued.