Every summer semester the Bauhaus-University Weimar holds a design course in English. The course is entitled "international Advanced Architectural Design". The international AAD program is organised by the chair of Design and Theory of complex Building Types, Professor Jörg Springer, in close cooperation with other chairs of the master program at the faculty of Architecture. As an additional offer, there will be an excursion to Oxford and Cambridge. The design course will be supported by a seminar course by Professor Jörg Springer and various additional lectures and seminar courses. The entire study program may earn up to 30 ECTS credit points in total.

Five applicants will be accepted in advance. Application by portfolio until 15.03.2019 at the chair (juliane.steffen[at]uni-weimar.de).


This Years IAAD-program offers the following parts in english language: 

Design Course
Prof. Jörg Springer, "Pembroke College Library, Oxford", design course 12 ECTS

Seminar Courses
Prof. Jörg Springer, "The ruins of modernity, or: the beauty of decay.", seminar course 6 ECTS

Professur Denkmalpflege und Baugeschichte, Dr. Heike Oevermann, "Industrial Culture in Berlin – Urban History, Conservation and Adaptive Reuses", seminar course 3 ECTS

Martin Ahner, "Die Konstruktion des Imaginären", seminar course 6 ECTS

Lecture Course
Prof. em. Karl-Heinz Schmitz "History and Theory of Public Building Types", lecture course 3 ECTS