Seminar Course "Die Konstruktion des Imaginären"

From a historical model - in a pre-photographic sense - we become photographically active!

On the basis of a masterpiece (painting - preferably portrait, still life or interior) we discern and describe what has been observed.

Within this evaluative process, light modeling and correlative composition within the image have primary importance. The conclusions of this analytical approach are made manifest in a personal, interpretive replica of the chosen scene: at first comprehensively, then later - independently.

Correspondingly, not only the foundations of studio photography are learned, but also primary methodologies of stagecraft and design.

In a first comparison of the original and the interpretation, the results are evaluated on a technical and atmospheric level. In a tribute to such analog methodologies, we reintroduce the resulting interpretations via noble historical photographic methods (inclusive of the gum-bichromate, wet-collodion and/or calotype processes).

Martin Ahner