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The radio talk with Udo Noll was about his participatory radio art project "". The project encourages critical listening to live soundscapes - especially in relation to the ecological crisis. The soundscapes are curated by participants. It is not only habitats and species that are increasingly disappearing, but also the associated sounds and noises, which have always made the networks of living things sensually tangible. The project deals with the acoustic dimension of changing habitats and natural conditions and works on an ability to perceive that combines factual knowledge and sensory cognition.


In the Radio Talk the artist and theatre director Paula McFertridge (theatre group Kabosh, Belfast) talked about her activist approach and participatory theatre works. Her talk »Animating Contested Sites« revolved around public space, activism, and how theatrical animation can assist citizens in imagining new possibilities – especially for locations that have witnessed trauma. She developed her craft as an arts activist in a post-conflict society in Ireland. McFertridge will question what is the role of the artist when provoking informed conversations about the past, and how art may play a role in changing the future. 


On 28th of November at 7:30pm the Filipino researcher and performer Anjeline de Dios is invited for a special Radio Talk: she will acoustically inaugurate the new "Klanglabor" studio at Marienstraße 5 with a sound journey.

In this radio talk, the singer and sound artist de Dios will present her practice, which she calls "sound massage" or "sound meditation". This is based on polyphonic vocal improvisations that focus on the contextual and spatial logics of listening: “I propose that this shift in focus can be productive when it allows us to think of sound and/as healing in terms of metaphor (description) and practice (action), hopefully leading us into deeper contact with healing as purposive, embodied, and in resonant dialogue with what is both deep within and way beyond our ordinary boundaries of self.”


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