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Open Call "Radio Art Residency"

The new Open Call of the "Radio Art Residency" is out! Apply now until 20th of February! In 2023 and 2024, the radio art residency is part of the umbrella project "Listening to the World - 100 Years of Radio": In this artistic research project, artists, academics, media professionals and listeners from different regions will address various questions about listening in its diversity and its transcultural interconnections.

Listening to the World - Artistic Research Project has started

In 2023, radio in Germany will be 100 years old. To mark this anniversary, the project »Listening to the World - 100 Years of Radio« has now been launched as a cooperation between the Professorship »Experimental Radio« at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, the Goethe-Institut, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of World Cultures).

13.12. Radio Talk with Ido Ramati »Sounding Modern Hebrew«

We are happy to announce our fourth international guest this semester. Ido Ramati will talk about the role of sound media as phonograph, gramophone and radio in the development of today’s Hebrew. What happens when an ancient language meets modern media technologies?

Auditory Place of Remembrance at the 14th Media Art Award

Experimental Radio & Teaching Art alumna Sandra Rücker won second place at the 14th Media Art Prize. Sandra Rücker's work "Da lag Preßwitz schräg drinne" creates an auditory place of memory of the flooded village of Preßwitz.

Poster of the event

15.11. Radio Talk with meLê yamomo: "...and when I speak, my brown skin and the entire ecology vibrate"

The Professorship »Experimental Radio« cordially invites you to the third radio talk with international guests this semester. On Tuesday, 15 November 2022, 7 pm, the artist and scientist meLê yamomo is the guest. He will talk about his biography as a traveller between continents, cultures, artistic practices and academic disciplines. In his work, meLê yamomo explores the themes of sonic migration, queer aesthetics and post-decolonial sound research.

Poster of the event

1.11. Radio Talk with Warrick Swinney »Sealed Trains and the Palisades of Culture«

In the second Radio Talk of this semester the musician and artist Warrick Swinney will present his essay »Sealed trains and the Palisades of Culture«. He discusses his travels and music concerts in the Soviet Union and former East Germany during the late 1980s. His historic – sometimes amusing, sometimes tragic – anecdotes will be accompanied by musical compositions.

25.10. Radio Talk with Yara Mekawei »Radio Submarine«

In the first radio talk of the winter semester 2022/23, Yara Mekawei will present and perform her pan-African project "Radio SUBMARINE". The Egyptian sound artist will open a series of radio talks throughout the winter semester with guests from the international radio art scene. The talks will revolve around questions such as: Who listens? Who speaks? Who archives? Who is archiving?

MORE THAN A WORD / LESS THAN A THING // Sprachlabor Edition

Der Hörabend MORE THAN A WORD / LESS THAN A THING beschäftigt sich mit neuen Formen der Kommunikation - mit nicht-menschlichen Tieren, mit Pflanzen, mit Geräten und sogar mit Steinen. Er hinterfragt und prüft unsere gewohnten Methoden der Interaktion. Ist ein Husten schon eine Äußerung? Wie kann ein Text ohne Worte geschrieben werden? Können Maschinengeräusche in menschliche Äußerungen übersetzt werden? Und wie kann man mit einem jahrhundertealten Stein kommunizieren?

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