Graphics & Animation

Summer Term 2019


Lecture: Every Monday | 15:15 - 16:45 | Karl-Haußknecht-Str. 7 (Hörsall IT-AP)

Exercise: Every Tuesday | 15:15 - 16:45 | Bauhausstr. 11 (Lint-Pool 128)

Website (Useful Links) | Blender Controls


Assignements: 80% | Oral Exam: 20%

Assignment Folder

Submission every Monday till 23:59 before the course starts. Folder will be deleted.

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Course Dates:

23.04.2019: Intro to Blender and Interface | Homework: watch the provided tutorials

30.04.2019: Intro to modeling | Homework: model a sword

07.05.2019: Planning: concept, references, ideas and workflow | Homework: Create a moodboard and a sketch of your character

14.05.2019: Modeling: tools and modifiers | Homework: create your character's base mesh

21.05.2019: Modeling: topology tips | Homework: continue modeling the character

29.05.2019: Modeling: feedback | Homework: finish the model

04.06.2019: Materials, UV and textures | Homework: UV unwrap the character

18.06.2019: Texture painting | Homework: start painting the character

25.06.2019:  Painting: feedback | Homework: Finish the character's texture

25.06.2019: Rigging and animation | Homework: create the rigging and a simple animation

30.06.2019: Lighting & Rendering | Homework: Render the animation

09.07.2019: Last feedback round

Lecture Slides:





Vision Light Color


Global Illumination




Motion Control


Natural Phenomena


Computer Graphics:

  • 3D Modeling: Polygone, Splines, Patches, Rotations, Translations, Scenegraphs
  • Color on Computers: Light, Color, Color spaces.
  • Camera: Viewing, Perspective, Screens, Camera Paths
  • Local Ilumination: Reflection, Ambient, Diffuse and specular reflection
  • Global Illumination: Raytracing, Radiosity
  • Aliasing and anti-aliasing
  • Natural Phenomena: Plants, Clours, Water


  • Lassater's rules of Computer Animation
  • Motion control: Acceleration, velocity, Position, Forces, Collision
  • Deformations, morphing
  • Hierarchical Modeling, Forward and Inverse Kinematics
  • Particles, Flocks, Crowds
  • Humans and Animals: Movement, Walking, Grabbing
  • Motion Capturing, Facial Animation

Course Materials


Recommended Literature

•Foley, Van Dam, Feiner, Hughes: Computer Graphics. Principles and practice, Addison Wesley, 1997

•P. Shirley, S. Marshner, Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, A.K. Peters, 2009

•R. Parent. Computer Animation. Algorithms and Techniques, Morgan Kaufman, 2012.