Vertr.-Prof. Jason M. Reizner

Art & Design Methods in Research

The main interest of the Interface Design Group is to develop, design and implement user-friendly interfaces and applications that enable and facilitate access to the digital world in interactive and networked environments.

The ubiquitous availability of digital services and information requires adequate design concepts for the corresponding interfaces. The Design of Human Computer Interactions, Tangible Media and the "Internet of Things" are therefore central areas addressed by our group.

A recent focus is on embedding digital functionalities into physical objects using Printed Organic Electronics and 3D MID technologies.

  • Printed Organic Electronics and 3D-MID Technologies in Interface Design
  • Screen-based Interaction (Web and Mobile)
  • Interfaces for Media in Architecture and Urban Space



Wir trauern um Jens Geelhaar, der seit 1999 die Professur Interface Design zunächst an der Fakultät Medien, zuletzt an der Fakultät Kunst und Gestaltung innehatte. Die Universität verliert einen hoch geschätzten Kollegen, einen Grenzüberschreiter, Innovator und einen beliebten Lehrer, Mentor und Doktorvater…