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MediaArchitecture Biennale 2020 # FuturesImplied

During the project module students develop installation concepts for the Media Architecture Biennale 2020 in Amsterdam with the overall topic #FuturesImplied. Selected installations shall be realized in Amsterdam. The Media Architecture Biennale is a biennial event, featuring workshops, a conference, and an exhibition that attracts interaction designers, lighting designers, architects, artists, researchers, and industry practitioners who showcase their work, analyze new developments, engage in networks, and discuss emerging trends in this new profession.

SDE21_urban hub

A small building of information is to be developed in a process of coordination of planning. This point of information without any supervisor indicates the activities of the research initiative „ENERGIEWENDEBAUEN“ and the competition „SDE21_urban hub“. It is supposed to inform a multitude of interested visitors about the latest concepts and strategies on the way to the energy transition. This building of information aims at different target groups and presents content by diverse formats. Digital media as a mediation of sound, light, image, or text can be integrated into architectural modules. It can contribiute to a participatory or interactive communication of information. In the project competition papers are compiled to the competition „SDE21_urban hub“. Teams of MediaArchitecture students with apprentices can join in. These teams have to consist of at least two different disciplines. The best ideas can be submitted up to the 24th of April in 2020. You can find the complete public offer of the award under