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Observatory station, Didem Zeynep Odemis, Ksenija Tajsic
Social Painting, Ruo-Xuan Wu, Ann Marie Böttcher
Ioana Capota, Alexandru Voicu
Erstellt: 01. September 2020

MediaArchitecture Biennale 2020 # FuturesImplied

During the project module students develop installation concepts for the Media Architecture Biennale 2020 in Amsterdam with the overall topic #FuturesImplied. Selected installations shall be realized in Amsterdam.
The Media Architecture Biennale is a biennial event, featuring workshops, a conference, and an exhibition that attracts interaction designers, lighting designers, architects, artists, researchers, and industry practitioners who showcase their work, analyze new developments, engage in networks, and discuss emerging trends in this new profession.

MediaArchitecture Project-Module II

Summer semester 2020

The following themes are of specific interest for the Media Architecture Biennale 2020:

·      The Aesthetics and Poetics of Responsive Urban Spaces: Media architecture that contributes to a sense of place, deepening citizens’ understanding of and attachments to local sites, and making them more legible, imaginative, and inclusive.

·      Citizens’ digital rights in the era of platform ecologies: Media architecture that articulates public values and allows citizens to govern through digital platforms, rather than be governed by them.

·      Playful & Artistic Civic Engagement: Media architecture that enacts people-centric interventions through which citizens themselves learn, negotiate, and create innovations through play and games.

·      Restorative Cities: Media architecture that enables societies to regenerate socially, ecologically, physiologically on multiple levels, from the individual to the city as an entity of systems.

·      More-Than-Human Cities: Media architecture that embraces the well-being of the natural ecosystem as a whole.

You can find more information on the website of the Media Architecture Biennale:



Professur Computational Design

Junior-Prof. Dr. Reinhard König

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Ann Marie Böttcher

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