The Inocolum conference organised in CLB Berlin in 2016 was a result of a 3-year research project PhyChip examining ’slime mould‘, a well-known lab organism in biology.

In the age of the anthropocene, our understanding of media and materials is in flux. Not only natural sciences are investigating living materials. Biotechnical methods are spreading into DIY-culture as well as into the field of bio hacking. At the same time the idea of the »post-human« is a central topic in humanities. Artists are engaged in these discussions and are examining the relationship between humans and other life forms in their works. In doing so they transcend the usage of living biological matter – be it of human or animal origin – as a mere tool and enter collaborations with animate beings. IN coLUM deals with these interdisciplinary and inter- specific entanglements. Experts from the arts, natural sciences and philosophy discuss their individual access to notions of the living.

With lectures by: Suzanne Anker, Laura Benitez Valero, Ursula Damm, Michael Dirnberger, Hans-Günther Döbereiner, Martin Grube, Agi Haines, William Myers and Maja Smrekar.

Performances by: Dani Ploeger, Interspecifics collective

Curated by: Theresa Schubert

More info: Inoculum website