Luise Göbel

Thema: Polymermodifizierter Beton als mehrphasiges und mehrskaliges Partialmodell.

Porous materials like concrete are heterogeneous materials with a highly nonlinear mechanical behavior. Complex constitutive formulations have been derived in order to characterize this behavior. They often contain parameters that are difficult to obtain experimentally. Another drawback of such models is that material failure is only described phenomenologically. The physical phenomena that lead to failure – the formation of microcracks that coalescence and form a macroscopic crack – is not considered. The material is adopted to be homogeneous on a macroscopic scale of observation. 
The goal of this work is to check whether a more detailed description of the material (multi-scale modeling) and, subsequently, an increasing uncertainty of the constitutive relations lead to an improved quality of the partial model. Furthermore, the question about the consideration of different degrees of complexity of each model should be answered. One focus of this project is the experimental determination of model parameters on different scales of observation (cement paste, mortar and concrete). Finally, the established multi-scale models, which are commonly applied to normal concrete, shall be adapted to polymer-modified concrete.


  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrea Osburg

F. A. Finger-Institut für Baustoffe
Coudraystraße 11a, 99423 Weimar

  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Tom Lahmer

Institut für Strukturmechanik
Marienstraße 15, 99423 Weimar