Igor Kavrakov

Igor Kavrakov

Topic: Assessments of Aerodynamic Models for Fluid-structure Interaction with Respect to Different Limit States


Aeroelastic phenomena occur due to the complexity in the fluid-structure interaction which causes the structure to oscillate. Depending on the type of the phenomenon, the amplitude of this oscillation could be limited or divergent. The limited amplitude phenomena include Vortex-induced vibration and buffeting, whereas divergent-amplitude include flutter, galloping and torsional divergence. The focus of this work is primarily to relate the models describing these phenomena to different limit states addressed in the design of a structure such as the ultimate, serviceability or fatigue. The emphasis is on the semi-analytical models; however, the CFD and experimental models are also considered. The influence of various assumptions in the models is studied and their effect with respect to a different wind speed. This could provide guidelines on model choice and its usability and robustness for reproducing a certain aeroelastic phenomenon.




Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Guido Morgenthal MSc DIC MPhil CEng MICE

Professur Modellierung und Simulation- Konstruktion
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