Geotechnical Engineering

  • Part of module "Geo- und hydrotechnical Engineering"
  • Semester: 2
  • Annualy in summer semester
  • SWS: 3
  • ECTS: 3
  • Examination: Written examination 90 min
  • Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Patrick Staubach
  • Exercise Lecturer: M.Sc. Cristian Rodriguéz
  • Voluntary tutorials: Details will be provided in the lecture
  •  Content:
    • Classification and identification of soils
    • Description of soil state
    • Water in the soil
    • Hydraulic conductivity and seepage flow
    • Distribution of vertical stress in the soil
    • Stress-strain relationship
    • Settlement Analysis
    • Consolidation theory
    • Shear strength
    • Earth pressure
    • Basics of Soil Dynamics (wave propagation, laboratory and field testing, soil-structure interaction under dynamic loading)
    • Soil Liquifaction (phenomenon, consequences, estimation of liquefaction risk, prevention)

Important Note

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