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It is common to say that we dwell in a reality obsessed with the image. However, there are things worth saying repeatedly.
If , in the 19th century, Gottfried Semper defined fire as the symbolic and central element of architecture, it is also possible today to remember something more obvious: the body as a whole is also central to architecture, since we perceive all the information that the world gives us through the matrix of meaning that compose us; which make us human.

Silicone Valley. Breaking Techno-Mediated Habits.

This work explores the effects of networked technologies on our sense of self, spatial perception, and social life, through our emergent techno-mediated habits. These include a range of habitual patterns that emerge from our interactions with networked devices and coded spaces; from socially recognizable gestures and personal quirks, to nervous tics and compulsive behaviors. They are explored through a series of speculative devices that challenge or reinvent them.
This project received a Student Notable honor in the 2019 Core77 Design Awards.