Bachelor & Master Thesis

Every semester we are providing topics for Bachelor and Master Theses.

We supervise Bachelor and Master Theses in the study programmes Architecture, Urbanism, Media Architecture and Integrated Urban Development and Design. A thesis in these programmes thematically often acts at the intersection between science and design: as a scientific work the thesis must be somehow useful for designing; as a work of design it must somehow fulfill scientific standards. To bridge the gap between these two opposing ways of working, we propose three different types of theses:

1. Empirical Study (conducting an scientific study, which delivers deeper insight into different planning parameter & criteria)

2. Design by Research (creating a design by applying scientific methods)

3. Method develepment (developing new methods for generating or analysing designs)



You can propose an own topic for one of the proposed thesis types. Furthermore, we provide you with topics, which are related to our current research projects or partnerships with universities of planning offices:


Procedure for applying for thesis supervision at our chair:

1. Choose a topic or propose an own one (contact supervisor)
2. Write a 1-page abstract (use template)
3. Confirm abstract supervision & start!