Introduction to Masters' Thesis (IUDD)

Seminar, Summer 2019
In this Seminar we will prepare you for the writing of a Master Thesis. Therefore the basic elements of scientific working (logical thinking, argumentation, development of research questions and hypotheses as well as selection of methods) are introduced.

Circular Urbanism

IUDD Design Studio, Summer 2019
In this design studio we will develop strategies for small cities in rural Ethiopia. Therefore we will use the food, water and energy metabolism as a starting point the development in order to create lively and sustainable cities.

Parametric Urban Design & Analysis II

Seminar, Summer 2019
The course extends the knowledge and methods you learned in PUDA I. You will learn and train advanced parametric modeling techniques and further analysis methods as well as basic knowledge about statistics to study relationships between urban form and its manifold functions.

Computational Methods for User-Centered Architectural Design

Seminar, Summer 2019
The objective of this course is to learn knowledge and methods for better anticipating the perspective of the user of architectural spaces. Therefore you will on the one hand learn computational methods for quantifying daylight, visibility and accessibility. On the other hand you will learn a tool for conducting user studies in Virtual Reality.