InfAR at 13th Space Syntax Symposium

We presented five papers at the SSS13 in Bergen, Norway, thematically ranging from Traffic Modeling over Behaviour Prediction up to Virtual Reality based User Studies.

Article in Detail 06/22

In the current issue of the german architectural magazin "Detail" we present methods of AI-based generation and analysis of residential building complexes.

New research project INUMO!

We are happy to announce, that the BMBF and the DAAD approved our research proposal on "Integrated Urban Mobility" (INUMO)

Article in "RaumPlanung"

In this article we present different ways how digital methods can support the generation and evaluation of urban masterplans.

OpenVREVAL Kick-Off

The kick-off for OpenVREVAL, our project on user centered architectural evaluation through Virtual Reality, began this week!

ECL-AA Annual Seminar

The second seminar of ECL-AA on “Guiding Rapid Urbanization 2.0” was held on the 9th of October 2020, following the first seminar which took place in 2018.