The Exposed Color : Rosa  
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Museum of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, "Chinretsukan Gallery", exhibition "The Exposed Colour: Pink", 2005 photo © B. Nemitz

exhibition poster

exhibition view
photo © B. Nemitz

exhibition view
photo © B. Nemitz

A 12 (I)"La zona", temporary pavillon, Venice Biennale 2003, documentary images
photo © A12

Regula Dettwiler (CH) "Cherry blossom", 2005, water colours, 118 x 82 cm
photo © R. Dettwiler

Paul-Armand Gette (F) "Des roses pour l'origine", 2004, photo, underpants with digital print
photo © P.-A. Gette

Christiane Haase (D) "Cluster", 2005, drawings: pencil and watercolour on paper, 40 x 30 cm each
photo © C. Haase

Masahiro Hasunuma (J) "The Cherry Orchid", 2005, Japan-Korea Interchange Art Exhibition, kettle/projector, movie, 1550 x 500 x 1600 cm
photo © G. Tamura

Annika von Hausswolff (S) "Sad Memories of Pink", 2002, photo mounted on plexiglas, 70 x 30 cm
photo © A.v. Hausswolff

Grit Hoehn, Walther-Maria Scheid, Toralf Kandera (D) "rosa pop hautnah", 2005, mixed media
photo © T. Kandera

Stephanie Hotz (D) "Shop me Pink", 2005, price stickers on paper, 120 x 90 cm
photo © St. Hotz

Rie Ishii (J) "Rosy Spectacles", 2005, pp. film etc. book
photo © R. Ishii

Emiko Kasahara (J) "PINK 1" ,1996-7, frame, laminated cibachrome, 127 x 152,4 cm
photo © E. Kasahara

Mai Yamashita and Naoto Kobayashi, "Candy", 2005, installation, candy, glass bowl, video
photo © M. Yamashita/N. Kobayashi

Marcel Köhler, Nadine Fröbe (D) "Magma in the Sky – at that Time in the Future", 2000, documentary boo, staging with several audio-visual media, photography, print media
photo © M. Köhler, N. Fröbe

Friederike Lorenz (D) "Konservierung", 2005, sugar icing, red food-colouring, T-shirts
photo © F. Lorenz

Cassandra Mehlhorn (D) "bygonesea" 2005
photo © B. Nemitz

Miho Michikura (J) "nail clipper" 2005
photo © M. Michikura

Yu Mikajiri (J) ”Decoration”, 2005, nail polish on mirrors, installation of paintings, 30 x 50 cm
photo © B. Nemitz

Max Mohr (D) ”Paradise Prothesis, 2001, wood, cloths, orthopaedic material, 21 x 22 x 28 cm
photo © B. Nemitz

Barbara Nemitz (D) "the Exposed Colour: Pink", begun 1993, multilayered collaborative work with artists, art historians and others
photo © B. Nemitz

Enrico Niemann (D) "o. T.", 2005, acrylic resin on PE foil, 125 x 110 cm
photo © E. Niemann

Minako Nishiyama (J) "melting dream", 2003, (included shelf size), sugar, egg white, gelatin, etc., 10 x 50 x 29 cm
photo © M. Nishiyama

Adoka Nitzu (J) "Sentimental Vein", 2005, sofa, 180 x 90 x 90 cm
photo © A. Nitzu

Kazue Okada (J) "Prologue for the episode of Rosa", 2005, photo-image
photo © K. Okada

Susanne Paesler (D) "moonshine-painting 2", 2002, painting on aluminium, 125 x 125 cm
photo © S. Paesler

David Robbins (USA) "Flowing Through You", Still from the video "Ice Cream Social", TV-pilot, 8 min. 2003
photo @ D. Robbins

Theresa Schubert (D) "You" still 4:25 min (loop) 2004
photo @ C. Mehlhorn

Asae Soya (J) "Bathtub" 2001
photo © A. Soya

Toshima Maki (J) "Cherry Blossoms Vanish", 2005, photo/CG/monitor, installation 30 sec. photo © M. Toshima

Mako Watanabe (J)"Sleeping Beauty? Princess Rose?", 2005, cloth/plastic/plaster, installation, 100 x 100 x 100 cm
photo © M. Watanabe

Pink Project Tokyo/Weimar "High and Low" 2005
photo © B. Nemitz