»Projektil« — is an international series of lectures at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar. It was initiated in 2007 by students of the Faculty of Art and Design due to a missing professorship in graphic design. Since then this event is presented annually and, be- cause of the enormous success and request, its organization is passed on from students to students. In addition to presentations by leading personalities of the creative field, workshops of several days' duration are offered to all students interested. This offers students not only inspiration, but also the chance to gather contacts for internships or even workplaces and to receive an insight into the daily work life, as well as the function of every speaker.
The projectile is launched and flies along
its flight path. The designer also follows his course. Assignments are given and solu- tions are to be found. »We'll be right there« is the wonderful feeling of being close to the solution. It is also a feeling of a young gene- ration that is in the middle of a breakover and in search for new paths. Maybe you never arrive but you were on your way. Design is a process. Improvement and retrospection are part of this process. And to be honest: Inspi- ration and quotation are too. »Same, same but different.« So were you already there and because everything already existed there is now no space for new things? Every proj- ect is followed by a project. . As a designer you work serial but you have to find new an- swers for every problem. And still you have the feeling as if every answer already exists. Improvement, speed, replacement - Test yourself as long as you can. Until the projectile hits the alleged goal.

almost every
Thursday in the
Van de Velde-Building
Room HP 05 
7 pm
Till Wiedeck & Timm Häneke (Berlin)
12. — 14. April
Na Kim (Amsterdam)
19. April
Veronica Ditting (Amsterdam)
26. — 28. April
Manuel Raeder (Berlin)
03. Mai
Emil Kozak (Barcelona)
10. — 12. Mai
Prof. Andreas Uebele (Stuttgart)
24. Mai
Patrick Desbrosses (Berlin)
07. — 09. Juni
Jürg Lehni (London)
21. — 23. Juni
Schroeter & Berger (Berlin)
05. Juli
Haw-lin Services (Berlin)
18. — 21. October
Sebastian Pataki (Amsterdam)
25. — 27. October
»Not sure whether it's a curse or a blessing, but I'm having a hard time just relaxing or enjoying myself, when consuming cultural products. My mind is busy searching for ways to translate influences and feelings into something I can make use of in the design process. The Smalltown–America vibe of 'Gilmore Girls', the 80s high school stereotypes and dance moves in 'Breakfast Club', artificial suburban neighborhoods and their color schemes, Marvel comic books — I'm fascinated by all these and of course many more products of mankind.«
Sebastian Pataki is an Amsterdam based independent graphic designer with a multidisciplinary approach and massive cat–fiend. As a 'bricoleur' he is searching for the weird, the abnormal and for flaws in order to exploit them in a visual way. Among other studios he used to work with HORT (GER), Pixelgarten (GER) and Trapped in Suburbia (NL).

— Workshop  
Workshop — Sebastian Pataki
Dear students, if you like visual storytelling, structuring information, illustrating a process in whatever way and football, this workshop is going to be a total riot! In case you're not really into football, but you're in favor of all other aforementioned things, then you'll most likely enjoy the workshop. If you hate football but like all the other things I mentioned ... hmm, that's a tricky one. I think you should give it a try. Please note: 2x11 people can take part. No hooligans, flares and laser–pointers please.

Time: 26th - 27th October 2012
Room: Marienstraße 1/Room 101
Costs: 10€ (publication, drinks, fun)
The application form for the workshops will not be released until about one week before the workshop begins. We hope you understand this. Regrettably, applications in advance can not be accepted. The workshop participants will be chosen by lot and informed in due time.




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Prof. Markus Weisbeck
Alexander Schwinghammer

(inspired by Stefan Wunderwald)
Lukas Krause

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Many thanks to all speakers and workshop instructors, Prof. Dr. Frank Hartmann, Prof. Markus Weisbeck, Alexander Schwinghammer, Michael Ott & Mathias Schmitt (Das Schmott), Sindy Ruppert, Christa Billing, Jeremias Urban, Lukas Krause, Merle Hagelüken, Christian Rothe, Markus Postrach, Tobias Dahl, Ina Niehoff, Jörg von Stuckrad, Angelika Fischer, Andreas Oberthür, Stefan Wunderwald, Andreas Räde, Thomas Filter, Horizonte- Team, Adrian M. Götze, StuKo, Jan Schneider, Tanja Rommer, Klaus Bartosch, Eugen Eberthardt, Peter Plaschke, Brad Dunzer, Bastelladen Fricke, Bungalo Code Design

Projektil-Team 2012:
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Frieder Oelze
Enno Pötschke
Viola Steinberg
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Manuel Reader Manuel Reader Manuel Reader
Patrick Desbrosses Patrick Desbrosses Patrick Desbrosses Patrick Desbrosses
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