Anthropologies of Entanglements

Media and human modes of existence are always already intertwined and interdependent. The notion of the anthropocene has further stimulated a new examination of ideas about human agency and responsibility. Various approaches all emphasize relational concepts and the situatedness and embodiment of human-and also non-human-existences and experiences. Their common interest has shifted from any so-called 'human nature' to the multitude of cultural, topographical, technical, historical, social, discursive, and media formats with which human existences are entangled.

This volume brings together a range of thinkers from international backgrounds and puts these important reflections and ideas in the spotlight. More specifically, the volume explores the concept of "anthropomedial entanglements." It fosters an understanding of human bodies, experiences, and media as being immanently entangled and mutually constituting, prior to any possible distinction between them. The different contributions thus open up a dialogue between empirical case studies and media-historical research on the one hand and the conceptual work of media and cultural philosophies and aesthetics on the other hand.

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