Introduction to the Command Line

General Information

Lecturer: Janek Bevendorff
Venue: Friday 17:00 – 18:30, Pool 128 (LiNT-Pool), B11
First Session: October 30th, 2015


We all use the Linux command line shell in a variety of ways in our daily research and system administration tasks. In this tutorial, we review the basics of working with the shell on a Linux system, and explore a range of tools and techniques for using the shell more productively in our day-to-day work.

The tutorial comprises three sessions. Topics covered include:

  • File system hierarchy standard
  • File permissions
  • Text editors
  • Shell history
  • Environment variables
  • Bash scripting
  • Streams, redirection and pipes
  • Job control
  • Text processing, filtering and transformation
  • Networking utilities


  • [October 30th, 2015]
    Session 1: Shell and Linux basics; editing text. [slides]

  • [November 6th, 2015]
    Session 2: Advanced shell features; scripting. [slides]

  • [November 20th, 2015]
    Session 3