Erstellt: 27. November 2018

7.12. Next100: »Raster Signale #1« & Lecture by Olaf Bender

On Friday, 7 December 2018, Next100 is offering two events: at 2 p.m. Olaf Bender gives a lecture about »today’s noise, tomorrow’s music« followed by Audio/Visual performances by the legendary Raster Media label.

Olaf Bender (Foto: Bela Bender)
Olaf Bender (Foto: Bela Bender)

Lecture by Olaf Bender: »today’s noise, tomorrow’s music«

Olaf Bender, co-founder of Raster Media, will give a lecture titled »today’s noise, tomorrow’s music« as part of the Bauhaus Masters lecture series, presented by NEXT100 in coordination with Prof. Markus Weisbeck and Space for Visual Research.

Raster Media, based in Chemnitz, is the world’s foremost electronic music and Audio/Visual label.


Freitag, 7. Dezember 2018, 14 Uhr

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Van-de-Velde-Werkstatt, Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 7, Room 116
99423 Weimar, Germany

Raster Signale #1

Frank Bretschneider (Foto: Dieter Wuschansky)
Frank Bretschneider (Foto: Dieter Wuschansky)

Eine audiovisuelle Performance-Nacht von NEXT100 und Kunstfest Weimar mit Frank Bretschneider, Byetone und Mieko Suzuki

NEXT100 und Kunstfest Weimar in Kooperation mit der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar präsentieren »Raster Signale #1«, eine audiovisuelle Performance-Nacht mit dem legendären Chemnitzer Label für experimentelle elektronische Musik »Raster Media«. Szenegrößen wie Frank Bretschneider, Byetone und Mieko Suzuki spüren dem Einfluss des Bauhauses auf die zeitgenössische Medienkunstproduktion nach.

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NEXT100 and Kunstfest Weimar present Raster.Signale #1, a night of Audio/Visual performances by the legendary Raster Media label. A kickoff event to celebrate the Bauhaus centenary, the evening includes performances by Frank Bretschneider, Byetone and Mieko Suzuki.

The Raster.Signale series is an Audio/Visual showcase by Raster Media artists that explores both the interplay of sight and sound and the lasting influence of the Bauhaus on contemporary media art production and musical performance.

About the Artists

Frank Bretschneider is a musician, composer and video artist based in Berlin. His work is known for precise sound placement, complex, interwoven rhythm structures, and its minimal, flowing approach. 


An alias of Raster label co-founder Olaf Bender, Byetone presents minimalist rhythm-based music with a rock attitude that can do without too much processing and decoration; an archaic, rebellious music full of energy. 

Mieko Suzuki is a Japanese DJ and sound artist based in Berlin. Mieko's sets create a constant tension between the delicate, the raw and the daring. Folding together and finding connections between the subtle textures and qualities of different genres, Mieko's experimental approach always gives careful attention to space and to the people.

Friday, 7. December 2018, doors open at 20 Uhr

e-Werk Weimar e.V.
Am Kirschberg 4
99423 Weimar